Federalism and Lithuania

The Union of European Federalists in Lithuania (Europos federalistų sajunga Lietuvoje - EFSL) is a non-governmental, non-partisan political organisation dedicated to the promotion of deeper European political and economic integration. I was the President of the union until 2018. The current leader of the organisation is Klaudijus Maniokas.

The EFSL is the only organisation of European federalists in the Baltic states to date, therefore we are hoping to inspire creation of federalist movements in Latvia and Estonia as well.

The EFSL brings together members of different political views, ages, education and professional backgrounds, who share the same vision of a fully-fledged Lithuanian membership in the united European Union with strong democratic supranational institutions, a European constitution and effective transnational democracy.

The EFSL is a member of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), a supranational umbrella organisation, currently comprising 24 national sections, which are autonomous centres of the UEF activities. The UEF was founded shortly after World War II in the belief that only by uniting into a European Federation could the states of Europe overcome the divisions of the past and ensure a future of peace and economic prosperity. Currently, the UEF unites tens of thousands of members all over Europe, including not only members of European and national parliaments, but also representatives from business, science, and diplomatic corps.

I am certain that deeper European political and economic integration is beneficial for today’s Lithuania. Our country doesn’t support the scenario of a so called two-speed Europe. Today, the EU faces a range of serious challenges. We must admit that the EU as a political-economic project is not completed yet. I have no doubt that deeper EU integration is a wise decision and also one of the main goals which Lithuania should pursue. At the EU summits, for Lithuania it would be beneficial to clearly state its position on essential issues without a fear to present state’s pragmatic interests as well. It does not contradict the idea of federal Europe.

The EFSL members have opportunity to participate in various discussions, exchange information and share opinions on European topics. Every year in May, the EFSL invites its members and all passionate Europeans to celebrate Europe Day by joining 'March for Europe' in the streets of Vilnius.

For more information please contact us:

Email: info@federalistai.lt

Facebook: Europos Federalistai Lietuvoje

About the Union of European Federalists please read here.

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