My vision

I would like to start from what concerns me the most today: as the Restored State of Lithuania is finishing its third decade, I have to admit, there is no feeling of euphoria in the air.

Too many Lithuanian people do not see the meaning or do not find ways to contribute to the creation of our state; they don’t see their role in it. They get disappointed that, in the context of the European Union, we align only with South-East countries that joined the EU later and we no longer catch up even with our closest Baltic neighbors. When time to make a decision comes, desperate people “vote with their feet” or vote “against everyone” and then have to face the consequences. And politics always means consequences.

Our country obviously lacks of uniting political leadership; we are pitted against each other. 

Our country obviously lacks of uniting political leadership; we are pitted against each other. It’s more than clear to me: until decisions will be let down “from above”, no Governments and no Parliaments will find ways for Lithuania to unite, rise and believe in our joint future.

We have to and we are able to change this tendency.

As a liberal, I have no doubt that one of the main goals of Lithuania, and every progressive state in Europe (or elsewhere in the world), today should be uniting its citizens, motivating them to become a part of change by encouraging initiative and personal responsibility.

This also means involvement into a great creativity process of something meaningful and useful not only for citizens and communities but also for the state itself. We all have to and are able to take responsibility and commitments.

I have always believed and I still strongly believe that no political decision will work if, first of all, the voice of people and communities will not be heard. In the state, the relation between people and government has to be based on cooperation, consensus and idea of joint action towards common goals.

Here you will not find dogmatic preaching, paternalism or restrictions. Freedom, tolerance, initiative, responsibility and trust always have to come first.

From my perspective, the vision of the future of Lithuania and Europe consists of five fundamental elements:

    • strong community and family

       - better working and earning conditions for working families with children

       - communities involved in decisions made by the state

     • simple and conducive tax system

       - national agreement on a new and long-term tax system model

       - lower labour taxes, more conducive environment for investment

     • sustainable investment in the defense and security of the country

       - security of the state above short-term economical benefit

       - national defense followed by citizenship teaching

     • consistent investment in education

       - strong links between primary and secondary education as well as between professional and higher education

       - education built on knowledge based on critical thinking

     • the victory of liberal democracy against populists and radicals

       - EU: guaranteed equal conditions and opportunities for Lithuanian people and businesses

       - Lithuania: without government interference in private life, prohibitions, threats and preaching

Feel free to find out more about my thoughts.