Moldova: Functioning of democratic mechanisms vital for country’s European path

2018 07 05 Raktažodžiai: Moldova

MEPs today adopted a resolution on the political crisis in Moldova, following the invalidation of the mayoral elections in Chisinau, expressing serious concern with the decision and urging Moldovan authorities to guarantee the functioning of democratic mechanisms.

The European Parliament also demands that the European Commission suspends Micro-Financial Assistance and budgetary support until certain conditions are met.


ALDE MEP, Petras Auštrevičius (Liberal Movement of Lithuania), European Parliament’s rapporteur on Moldova deplores the situation in the country and calls on the authorities in Chisinau to respect their pro-European commitments:

 “Moldova, once viewed as a front-runner associated partner, was the first to receive a visa-free regime and initiate sizeable reforms in a number of fields.

Today, Moldova looks like a captured state, ruled in a non-transparent way, as a sort of private company. The judiciary, electoral system, banking sector, media are all captured.

I sincerely believe in the EU-Moldovan partnership, which has delivered a better future for Moldovans, who do deserve our support and cooperation, but the Government must comply with its commitments and put the country back on the right track.”


ALDE MEP, Renate Weber (Independent, Romania), added:

 “Unfortunately, Moldova’s judicial system violated people’s will, expressed through voting, abusively interpreting the electoral law and cancelling Chisinau’s citizens’ vote. The justice system simply played political games. Andrei Nastase, the definite winner of the elections in Chisinau, did what each of us do on an election day: we invite people to exercise their civic right to vote. Nastase didn’t make any suggestion as to how people should vote. This is not campaign or electoral propaganda and has nothing to do with the term "electoral agitation", mentioned by the Moldovan law.

In fact, frightened by the victory of the opposition, the real power in Moldova, Vladimir Plahotniuc and his acolytes, found a way to solve the problem: controlled justice. The European Union cannot accept such behaviour.”





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