Petras Auštrevičius: "Ukraine needs a new political culture"

2019 07 23 Raktažodžiai: Ukraine

On July 21, Petras Auštrevičius participated in an election observation mission by the European Parliament on the occasion of the general elections in Ukraine. Although the Ukrainian Parliamentary elections resulted in a stable majority for President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mr. Auštrevičius underlines the fact that the hard work only starts now:

 "The Verkhovna Rada and President Zelensky should now join forces to press ahead with much needed reforms. The top priority of the majority of Ukrainian voters clearly is the fight against corruption in order to establish a free, democratic and stable country and a pro-European Ukraine. It is important to keep EU support for Ukraine to withstand Russian aggression in the eastern parts of Ukraine.

While the election day itself was largely compliant with the international rules and Ukraine has once again demonstrated its commitment to the democratic right to vote, it is also clear that the country needs a new political culture. One in which there is less influence from oligarchs and less space and opportunities for wealthy background figures. 

In this respect, I am looking forward to further cooperation between the European parliament and Verkhovna Rada in streamlining political and economic reforms and implementing the Association agreement. The EU and Ukraine remain close partners in bringing much needed peace and prosperity to the people of Ukraine".